Welcome to the Hanover Fire Department Museum Online


Welcome to the Hanover Fire Department Museum website

The Hanover Fire Department Museum is currently  located at 241 North Franklin Street, Hanover Pennsylvania in the old boiler room of the Hanover Shoe properties which was built in 1912. The museum preserves the heritage of nearly 200 years of firefighting from the greater Hanover area. The three original volunteer fire companies as well as the career side of the Hanover Fire Department, the four original Penn Township volunteer companies and the  Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company are represented here.

The Hanover Fire Department Museum is a continuing effort; a project of memorabilia and apparatus collecting to showcase the history of the Hanover Area Fire Services. Our Discovery Room is just one of the many educational displays available to all visitors.

The beautiful turn-of-the-century building creates the perfect atmosphere for the many exciting displays. Visitors will see how firefighters progressed from the early leather bucket brigades to hand drawn carts and pumps, to horse drawn apparatus, and finally to motorized equipment. The equipment here is real, and served the greater Hanover area throughout the past two centuries.

Visitors can pull an actual Fire Alarm Box and see and hear an original Gamewell Fire Alarm System from 1911 that served the Hanover Borough community. See photos and read  the names of the old fire horses that served the Hanover Fire Department. Exhibits showcase fire vehicles of all types, including an 1882 Silsby Steamer, hand pulled pumps and a coffee grinder type fire pump. Awards, ribbons, badges, helmets and many types of fire fighting tools are showcases beautifully throughout the museum for your viewing pleasure.

Our staff is all past volunteer or career firefighters with the departments and are very knowledgeable of the items on display. Firefighters, past and present along with family and friends will enjoy the time spent reminiscing Please plan a trip to our beautiful museum and learn about the history of firefighting in the greater Hanover Pennsylvania area.

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